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Eurovision 2017: The Definitive(-ish) Ranking

Vova voom.

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Eurovision 2016: The Definitive(-ish) Ranking

And then once we’ve got to the end of this, I’ll add in the phone vote and it will change everything.

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Eurovision: You Decide 2016 – The Shortlist

Britain goes to the polls to determine its future relationship with Europe. Again. Only this time with less Boris Johnson and more Mel Giedroyc, which can only be a good thing.

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Eurovision 2015: The Definitive(-ish) Ranking

Look, I put a lot of time and thought into putting all of those dirgey ballads into some sort of quality-based order, okay?

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10 Songs That Were Completely Robbed In The Eurovision Semi-Finals

A list of genuinely ICONIC Eurovision performances that burned brightly but sadly too quickly.

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Eurovision 2014: The Definitive(-ish) Ranking

Jury what? Televote who? This is the only Eurovision result that matters.

(Yes, I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Chris, and no, I don’t care.)

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