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Survivor: Cambodia – Episode 4: “What’s The Beef?”

In which we learn that shamelessly mugging for the cameras does not necessarily lead to longevity in this game.

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Survivor: Cambodia – Episode 3: “We Got A Rat”

In which Abi-Maria Gomez has inexplicably become the power-player of the season and I wonder why I picked this season in particular to start really looking at gameplay in strategy.

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Survivor: Cambodia – Episode 2: “Survivor MacGyver”

In which two of Survivor‘s greatest strategists get out-manoeuvred by Terry Deitz. *sad trombone*

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Survivor: Cambodia – Episode 1: “Second Chance”

20 people you vaguely remember come back and manage to be slightly less annoying this time. Except Vytas. Gee, I wonder who goes home?

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Survivor: Cambodia – cast preview

The tribe has spoken. And by “the tribe”, I mean me.

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